This game was made for Discord Jam 5 by Silver Lewis, JohnLee Cooper, and Austin Heller. The theme was "Mutation". 

We got 4th place overall, and 2nd in "Innovation" and "Mood"!

Dig around the terrain as a wacky wormboi and depending on what you eat, you will metamorph into different bugs! 


  • wasd or control stick: move around!
  • Space or X Button: eat!
  • E or A Button: talk/confirm!
  • F or Y Button: wait (fast forward)!
  • Escape or Start: exit game!
  • M or Select: mute music!
  • Menu uses the mouse


Coccooning For The Winter 24 MB
Coccooning For The Winter Mac 33 MB

Development log


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I ated them all?????